Our Training Program 

(Pictured above is our spacious and interactive training yard; The dog pictured is the on-site trainer, Lara’s personal standard golden.)

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What is better then bringing home your new Comfort Retriever® puppy?! Bringing home your puppy that has had their basic training already started for you! It is so exciting to be able to have a new member of the family but super important to start them off on the right paw. Here at GoldenQuest, we know that setting a solid foundation through training and socialization are a key element to giving your puppy the best start possible!

Our trainers are here to start that training so when you receive your new best friend they already have grasped many important obedience concepts. Training is a extremely important as it not only acts as a bonding relationship building between you and your dog but it also ensures that you both are able to have a wonderfully happy life together from the beginning.

Our standard on-site training program is for 2 weeks; this will include 10 days of hands-on training and 4 boarding days that will aide in their crate training. This program includes:

  • sit, sit-stay
  • down, down-stay
  • stand
  • place, place-stay
  • look (an eye-contact cue)
  • leave-it
  • crate
  • drop

These combination of obedience cues will help provide your new Comfort Retriever® with a wonderful start to their new life with you! Although all dogs and puppies learn at different paces, our trainers work with your puppy to figure out what is being asked of them. The cost of the training program is just $900 for the 2 weeks. Each additional week for on-site training thereafter is just $450, which includes new cues and a continuation of the prior weeks so they get stronger with performing them.

During your Comfort Retriever® puppy’s training, you and your family will receive updates on his or her’s progress every Sunday both in a video and in a “report card” format.

Here is an Example Training Report Card!

Here is an Example Training Video after 2 weeks.

(Disclaimer: EVERY puppy is different and therefore learns at their own pace; has their own strengths and weaknesses as well as learning curves. Please do NOT expect every puppy to look like the next; you’ll notice in the different videos how the individual dogs and puppies differ on performance.)




Our on-site trainers: Lara, Sunny and Carolyn are sometimes available to host an off-site trainee depending upon scheduling.


  Head Trainer

Lara Guthrie began fostering and training dogs the first quarter of her freshman year in college back in 2011. Five years and half a dozen future service dog fosters later, Lara graduated Wright State University with her Bachelors in Psychology.

Along the way she realized dogs are her passion and once graduated she was accepted to Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers in Hutto, Texas. After graduating Starmark with her Canine Training and Behavior Specialist Certification, she went home to Ohio and began Training PAWSible to serve families from her hometown.

She is now working here with us at GoldenQuest to set the best foundations for you future Comfort Retriever®.  Lara has brought the Puppy Culture© program by Jane Killion to our puppies which starts from the breeding, prenatal and the whelping process until the time your puppy goes home. You can learn more about Puppy Culture here. Learn more about how Puppy Culture here at GoldenQuest with this link.

 Lara loves working with dogs and has her own standard golden retriever, Imani (CGC, NTD, ITD) who frequently is around GoldenQuest helping to socialize our Comfort Retriever® pups with ‘bigger’ dogs. She recently welcomed a Comfort Retriever® puppy, Una to the family. Imani and Lara are currently working towards their Advanced Trick Dog title, AKC Obedience CD title as well as looking forward to competing in Canine Freestyle and Rally FrEe; while new addition, Una is learning her basics. 

” Winston (KA6) is a love bug!  I am blessed to have him.  My compliments to all of you at GoldenQuest for your efforts to raise such wonderful dogs that will bring joy to not only me but the people he will come in contact with at the Library where I work and care facilities that he will visit later on. I am going to send Lara Guthrie an email and update her on Winston’s home training.  It was well worth the investment to have Lara train him at an early age.  He knows his commands – doesn’t always want to do them but for the most part he follows them – can’t ask for more than that.  I can’t walk down the block without people of all ages saying how beautiful and friendly he is.  Also, he is fairly confident of new things.
Thank you
Lorraine “
 Here is a video compilation of Lara’s previous client dogs, and here is a video of her with one of our GoldenQuest puppies, Lucky (KA1). Learn more about Lara here!


On-Site Trainers


             Sunny Quire-Jordan came to GoldenQuest having over 20 years of experience with handling and training several dog breeds. For over 10 years, Sunny was involved showing her Australian Shepherds on the AKC circuit, while maintaining her own kennel and breeding program. Sunny and her daughter Sandi, traveled all over the USA with a professional handler, assisting with many different breeds, grooming, training and showing the dogs in the show ring.

            After all the years of showing Sunny decided to take a different route and began training protection dogs on in Frankfort, Ky. Once puppies were evaluated they were sent home with trainers to begin the process of being integrated into their future families. With one on one time with these special dogs, training is intense as they train side by side on a daily basis. This training has brought Sunny many years of knowledge of canine behavior and the importance of varies types of obedience, and protection training.

            Sunny looks forward to training your future family members here at GoldenQuest and appreciates the trust you give in her to train your dog or puppy to become one of your best friends. Through obedience, basic manners and if requested, more advanced training.

” When I picked up Hunley, I was very nervous about how well he would be trained and how responsive he would be. I had never raised a dog with no training and was unbelievably impressed by the work that Sunny did with him. He knew his new name and responded to it, as well as was able to sit, stay, leave it, heel and more. His ability to respond to commands and learn was very helpful as he and I adjusted to each other in our lives. I am very thankful for the work that Comfort Retrievers did with Hunley and know that it had made the process of getting him and growing with him that much easier.
From Julie
Hunley’s owner”



Carolyn Yurkoski is an undergraduate student at the University of Kentucky and is expected to graduate next May, 2018, with a B.S. in Animal Science. With this degree, she would like to attend Veterinary School to receive her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Primarily fascinated with the surgical aspect of the profession, she also has an interest in animal conservation and would like to include that field of work into her studies and lifestyle. She has now begun to explore the realm of animal training and couldn’t be more enthusiastic about working here with us at GoldenQuest!

Carolyn grew up in the small town of Medina, Ohio. From a very young age, she has always cared for animals and between her and her two sisters, she has personal experience raising dozens of different types of animals. Since being a student at the University of Kentucky, she has also gained experience working with, and handling, a number of large animal breeds. In 2015, Carolyn spent the summer volunteering as a veterinarian in Central America where she traveled through parts of Costa Rica and Nicaragua with a team of other veterinarians, doctors, and dentists. With a goal of improving animal overpopulation and their overall well-being, her team provided check-ups, vaccinations, and spays or neuters to hundreds of animals. This experience was life changing and self-assuring that this lifestyle is where she belongs and where she shines.

Carolyn has spent the past year working as a kennel attendant and a vet technician assistant, but is now ready to put her training skills to work. Her optimistic attitude and dedication to the training and Puppy Culture program here at GoldenQuest ensures that our Comfort Retrievers are receiving the best of what our program offers.



Along with our on-site trainers, we have more amazing trainers that train exclusively off-site.


Libby Rockaway

When Libby Rockaway was 8 years old she began training her first dog and over the years her dogs and she has received awards in 4-H and AKC obedience, and she became her county’s 4-H Dog Club leader – teaching kids how to train their own dogs.

Libby is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) as well as the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).

Since 2011, she trained over 50 Comfort Retrievers®, teaching them obedience commands and manners. These pups have been for clients across the U.S., Brazil, and Dubai. To see videos of some of these Comfort Retrievers after their training, see my YouTube channel: libbyrockaway.  

In 2014, she began to write down the process she trains the puppies with, which eventually she compiled into a book, Puppy Steps: Practical Training for Your New Best Friend, which is available for purchase here at GoldenQuest! It is written for young adults, or for those who would like a straight forward guide to raising a well behaved puppy. It includes step-by-step photos, as well as illustrations of a Fido character to help demonstrate concepts.

The area of dog training that she is most passionate is service dogs, specifically Diabetic Alert Dogs. Since 2013, Libby has trained three Comfort Retrievers® to become Diabetic Alert Dogs. The puppies lived in her home and Libby taught them to alert to low and high blood sugars and the necessary public access skills to be a service dog. Each of those dogs passed their public access and are now placed as successful Diabetic Alert Dogs with families in various states. 
Currently, Libby is attending the University of Pennsylvania, studying Cognitive Science at Penn. Libby just selected her next Diabetic Alert Dog Trainee from one of our Comfort Retriever® litters, whom she will train while she continues going to school. You can learn more about Libby Rockaway on her website

“Libby understands her clients and the puppies she trains.  This, combined with her experience, skill, warmth and great ability to communicate, produce happy and meaningful results for all.  Our family and Scout are deeply grateful to her!”
 – Amy Taylor and Nelson Rockefeller



Ashley Anderson


Ashley Anderson is our first off-site Trainer at GoldenQuest. She has been surrounded by dogs her entire life thanks to her mother, a professional dog trainer, and a family of animal lovers. This consistent exposure helped Ashley quickly realize that she shares her mother’s passion for dog training and behavior modification. Ashley began by shadowing her mother during training sessions and assisting her whenever possible. Using the knowledge and skills her mother imparted, Ashley soon began dog-sitting and training puppies on her own. Additionally, she took on the responsibility for the training of one of the family dogs, Moose.

Currently, Ashley is the President of the 4H Dog Club in her home county. She also serves as one of the training leaders for the club. This enables her to work with a variety of dogs and to teach younger children how to care for and train their dogs. At their weekly 4H meetings, they work on basic skills and manners but also teach the disciplines of Obedience, Showmanship, Rally and Agility. Ashley and her dog, Moose have won numerous 1st Place ribbons and awards for Obedience, Showmanship, and Rally. 

Ashley has thoroughly enjoyed working with Comfort Retrievers and has achieved tremendous results working with puppies ranging from 8 weeks to 10 months. She is able to successfully tailor her training regimen based on the puppy’s age, temperament, and the clients’ family dynamics.

Here’s what one client had to say about her training experience with Ashley, “We were so pleased to have Ashley train our dog! She sent lots of photos and updates during his time with her and she made weekly videos of her training sessions with him.  This was particularly helpful for us because we were able to use the same training techniques to continue training him at our home.  Ashley was also very responsive to our questions and always willing to give us suggestions, even weeks after our pup had left her.  She is truly wonderful with the dogs she works with.” ~Lori W.

To read additional testimonials from clients Ashley has worked with please click here. View Ashley’s past training videos here!



Do you know someone that is local to the Lexington, KY area and would love to learn how to train puppies? We now have an Apprenticeship Program available for select individuals! Read more about it here!