Goldendoodle Litters

We now offer training! with our full time trainer Lara.  We offer lifetime breeder/trainer support. 


Flo FG4 (Goldendoodle, 15 lbs, 14 inches) was bred to Link IF3 ( Comfort Retriever®, 16 lbs, 15 inches). Puppies were born on 2/3/17. Puppies can go to new homes at 8 weeks, 3/31/17. Comfort Retriever® Guardian puppies are available  for $500. This litter has been DNA tested and LG1 Male is the only Goldendoodle. His price is $2000.  Mom and Dad can be viewed here. LG photo updated 3/30/17.

Gunther (male) Reserved

LG1- This little guy is a real cuddlier. He loves attention and being held.  He is up for anything and had no fears in testing. He loved the ball and though the smallest he did great at retrieving. He scored mostly 3’s on his test and received Very Light shed on the shed test.

LG Male Pick Position 1  D. Lowe, NC  Dep 3/29/17


Red 1822 (Comfort Retriever®, 14 lbs, 13 inches) was bred to Blue 1966 (Miniature Poodle, 7 lbs, 5 inches). Puppies were born on 11/21/16. Puppies can go to new homes aanytime . Bach is available as a pet for $1250. Beethoven is available as a Guardian for $500. The pups as adults are estimated to be 10 lbs.  Mom and Dad can be viewed here.  LB photo updated 3/30/17.


LB2 – Bach  

This little guy was lots of fun and very playful. He showed some interest in the ball, but couldn’t quite get the retrieving down. He is very people oriented and loved to be cuddled. He scored mostly 3’s on his test.


Bach  LB2 Male   Available
Beethoven LB3 Male  Guardian  Available as a Guardian




Wait List

  1. J Elkind, MA dep 9/26/2015  Goldendoodle Male, petite (would like close to 25 lbs) wavy coat if possible, Golden color Mid to late March 2016- go-home dep 10/5/2015