Preparing for your GoldenQuest® Puppy

  1. Read over our going home instructions.
  2. We recommend NuVet, an immune booster, tab daily to give your pup optimal health. You can click on the image to order. Order code is 03740. We believe in this product. If you order NuVet from our web site and give it daily as recommended we are willing to extend our health guarantee by a year. You will need to start NuVet from the first day, so please order NuVet before you pick up your pup so you will have it on hand when you bring your pup home.


  3. We recommend Life’s Abundance as your puppy’s dog food. It took us years to find this product. We had several requirements a dog food needed to fulfill before we would recommend it. One requirement was that all of our US puppy buyers needed to be able to get the dog food. This food is delivered directly to your door. A second requirement was that the dog food needed to be a superior product that would give your dog the best chance to be healthy for a lifetime. An added plus is that this product is shipped to you fresh from the warehouse, so it doesn’t have all the preservatives in it that store bought food has; it is required to have a shelf life of at least two years. Our belief is that if you feed a dog quality food, even if the food costs a little bit more up front, you will have a longer lived, healthier dog for a lifetime. We expect you will actually spend less for the dog over its lifetime than if you feed an inferior food. Inferior foods won’t support the dog’s health or longevity and will probably increase vet visits and costs. We would expect the same results if one raised children on Twinkies and junk food verses raising them on a diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Life’s Abundance may actually cost you less to feed, since it is more nutrient dense than many other dog foods. This means a bag will last you longer and that you have less dog waste to pick up.  You can click on the bag to order. You will need to start Life’s Abundance from the first day, so please order Life’s Abundance before you pick up your pup so you will have it on hand when you bring your pup home.  We suggest that you purchase the teal bag, which is grain free, all life stage dog food, shown below. It is produced for all life stages (which includes puppies).  You can get whatever size bag works best for you.


  1. For the most complete protection you need to register your dog’s microchip.  First, go to and click for instructions in English.  The implanter ID # is 3361.  On the last page of  your contract will be a sticker with the microchip and batch number. You can get the ID tag number from the contract or off your dog’s tag.