These are the families currently on the waitlist. They are in order as follows:

Name: Location M/F Weight Color Go home Notes Deposit Date
Shore OH F 30-40 LTG Oct-Nov   9/6/2016
Moran VA F   CRM-G NP Playful, golden 1/22/2017
Ball CA NP NP NP NP   1/25/2017
Lalani   NP   NP     5/5/2017
Abell MD F 25-35 CRM LTG Sept   6/3/2017
Kiler CA F 25-35 G NP Similar to IP8 6/8/2017
Brody IL NP 35 CRM LTG NP Refered by Goodson’s 6/22/2017
Loniak NJ NP 20-30 CRM 18-Aug CR,Therapy, Training, 6/28/2017
Redlich NY NP SM G NP   7/1/2017
Fischer NY NP NP NP Oct-Nov   7/5/2017
Resignola LA M SM NP Np   7/19/2017
Shugars MI F SM NP NP   7/25/2017
Kaley TX F 25-30 G DKG Nov   7/31/2017
O’Sullivan IL NP NP NP Np   8/1/2017
Erven WA F 35 CRM Oct   8/5/2017