Name: Location M/F Weight Color Go home Notes Deposit Date
L. Saunders B.C. F 30 Tan     6/13/2016
M. Moran VA F   CRM-G NP Playful, golden 1/22/2017
Cat. Ball * CA NP NP NP NP   1/25/2017
C. Kretz FL F 40-50 CRM   straight coat, low shed, outgoing 4/21/2017
J. Brody IL NP 35 CRM LTG Jan Refered by Goodson’s 6/22/2017
A. Stephenson* NC NP NP NP NP   6/27/2017
J. Sullivan IL NP NP NP NP   8/1/2017
V. DeMarco NY F 45-50 NP 2018 May   9/16/2017
K. Bralower NY M NP G NP   9/29/2017
Sta. Young CT M SM NP NP   10/20/2017
S. Swain             10/21/2017
N. Denvir M SM CRM   Straight coat, low shed, good with children, low-mid energy 10/25/2017
A. Mobley CA NP 35-ish LTG Jun-18 like IN2 “Summer” 10/25/2017
Z. Mawani NC NP 30-35 CRM/LTG Sum ’18 calm, sweet, sociable, smart, mellow, not vocal, traditional GR appearance, brown/lighter eyes 11/13/2017
K. Fritter FL F LRG CRM   straight coat (maybe a little wavy), calm, good with kids 11/28/2017
N. Dickinson* NY NP 25 CRM/LT slightly wavy to straight 12/3/2017
A. Arnett VA M 30-ish Gold 2018 Goldendoodle, gentle, happy 12/8/2017
S. Bishay CA F 30     not vocal, light shed, mellow, snuggly, active, straight coat 12/25/2017
H. Jeanis FL M 40+     traditional GR appearance, obedient, smart, low energy, low shed, 2 weeks off-site training 1/10/2018
N. Mesard NY F SM CRM-Gold traditional GR appearance, straight coat, non-vocal, active 1/15/2018
K. Ritchie TOR M 40-50 Med Gold Jun-18 traditional GR appearance, straight coat, low shed, fun/curious, good with kids, playful, social, smart, cuddly, active 1/16/2018
S. Teitelbaum CA F SM Dark Gold/Red Spr/Sum 18 docile, cuddly, calm, 3-4 weeks off-site training 1/18/2018
T. Eckhoff FL F 45-55 LT Dec. 2018 trad. GR appearance, low shed, good with kids and other pets, active 1/18/2018
P. Graham IL M LRG CRM-Gold traditional GR appearance, higher energy, mostly 2’s on temp test 1/19/2018
B. Dyer FL/ONT F 45-50 CRM/LT traditional GR appearance, good with kids and other pets, med-high energy 1/22/2018
C. Dudley FL M 20-35 LTG/Med traditional GR appearance, low shed, good with kids, 2-3 weeks off-site training 1/23/2018
C. Frazier IL           2/3/2018
M. Engle NC       Jun-18 Goldendoodle 2/2/2018
A. Schwartz TN NP 30+ LT-DRK Aug/Sep 18 traditional GR appearance, mellow, social, active,  2/28/2018
P. Stewart MD F 30-40 CRM/GOLD July/Aug 18 traditional GR appearance, good with kids, 3 or 4 on temp test,  1 week on-site training 3/10/2018
H. Solot FL NP 20-30 CRM/GOLD/RED Goldendoodle, calm  3/13/2018
K. Wilson GA F 35-40 CRM-LG Spring ’19 Straight coat   3/22/2018
B. Roth MA NP 20-40 NP Oct ’18 calm, sweet temp, potential for therapy dog, traditional GR appearance 3/26/2018
S. Saurabh TX M 30-ish LT 6/29/2018 traditional GR appearance, low shed, training, good with kids and other dogs, active, social 3/27/2018
R. Vanderhorst OH M 30-ish CRM Aug/Sep 18 traditional GR appearance, low shed, straight coat, hiking, 6-8 weeks offsite training 4/3/2018
L. Kreutter CA NP 25-35 NP   traditional GR appearance, active, snuggly, friendly, mellow, intelligent, easy-going, gentle, social, 2-3 weeks off-site training 4/8/2018
S. Armstrong CAN NP 25-30 NP MayorSep18 traditional GR appearance, cuddly, affectionate, medium energy, playful, active, good with young kids, 2-3 weeks training 4/9/2018
J. Warcaba OH M 20-25 CRM   no/light shed, straight coat, playful, active, social, snuggly, smart, 3-4 temp 4/15/2018
R. Kenyon IL           4/15/2018