Retired Breeding Dogs


Usually 5 years old or younger, we occasionally have some young dogs that are 2 years or less, that we have released from our breeding program.  Most of the dogs listed will be retiring as they have produced successful litters, completed their contracts or have had heirs so they are more than ready to be spayed/neutered and become an official member of someone’s family. Sometimes we have younger dogs that we saved as possible breeders due to their stellar genetic testing as puppies but once they  get their adult health screenings not all pass our desired criteria and therefore are placed up for adoption as retired breeding dogs.

All of these dogs have been well socialized with other dogs and have been introduced to people throughout their time with us.  

 A retired breeding dog home typically will live within a 2 hour drive of Lexington, KY  — However, each of our retiring dogs are individually assessed so their allotted distance from facility may vary. Prices of the retiring dogs are based on the individual canines as a result of their age and other qualities.

Placing our dogs and puppies in the right home is of the utmost importance to us. We want to ensure that our dogs find the best fit possible for the forever home, especially our retiring dogs as they’ve aged with us. Although a dog may have the look your family is looking for, GoldenQuest wants to be sure that we find the perfect personality for your home as well as find the best possible home for our dogs. Some of our canines are spirited, outgoing and spunky while others are mellow, relaxed and subdued; it is our belief that personality should be the main factor when selecting a new family member. If you are unsure of what it is your family is looking for please speak with us on your daily happenings and we can help guide you toward a good match. 

If you have questions about our available retired dogs, email us at or call (859) 879-DOGS. 



Brutus (IF2)  – AVAILABLE

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Brutus (Comfort Retriever , 48 lbs) was born 4/17/15 to  parents Lily (7791) and Bru.  Brutus is slow to warm up to people as well as new situations. . He is timid around children so with his uncertainty in beginning introductions we would like to see Brutus find a local home so we can assist with the transition. Brutus doesn’t like to share his food with other dogs but he sure enjoys their company as well as playing with them. Photos updated 6/10/16. 

Brutus Is available as a retired breeding dog for $100. If you would like to learn more about him, give us a call! 

Brutus, IF2, Male Available $100


Hope (Comfort Retriever , 28 lbs) was born 6/19/2015 to  parents Gracie  and Snow.  Hope is very energetic and full of life. She does wonderful with people as well as new situations.  Hope’s ideal home would be very active and where she could be the only dog.  Hope doesn’t like to share her food or space with other dogs.  

Hope Is available as a retired breeding dog for $500. If you would like to learn more about her, give us a call! 

Hope IO8 Reserved 

Hope, IO8, Female C. Allan, NY  Dep 3/27/17


Retired Dog Waiting List

How the waiting list works: To get on the waiting list you simply need ask and have your desired personality, look, gender you are interested in. If you place a deposit then you will go at the top of the waiting list based on date of deposit. The reason for this is a deposit shows commitment to adopting a Retiree whereas simply inquiring about being placed on the waiting list is speculatory interest. We adore our dogs and want a loving home for all of them, by putting you on the waiting list we will contact you once a dog fitting the description you are looking for comes available for retirement. 


1. Erikson, dep. 2/8/2017

2. G. Hainesworth, TX  1/15/2017

3. Dan, OH 1/16/2017 – phone confirmation

4. C. Eskew, 1/19/2017  interested in Snow

5. M. Pandya, GA 1/25/2017  interested in Gemini, Red