As the demand for training grows here at GoldenQuest, we have begun the search for finding talented individuals who show great promise as future dog trainers (as well as already established trainers). With careful selection and trust these individuals learn along side Lara on what we here at GoldenQuest are looking for when training our Comfort Retriever® puppies.
Those chosen go through an introduction process based on their experience level then are given tasks and learning opportunities on-site that allow them to grow as trainers as well as dog handlers.
During their time on-site the apprentice gets to experience the different jobs a dog trainer performs; from assisting with ENS (“Early Neurological Stimulation”) on puppies from days 3 through 16, to socializing and working with all the dogs here at GoldenQuest.
Once the apprentice has proven that they are passionate, reliable and knowledgeable they may be given an on-site dog to work with during their apprenticeship hours with Lara. As progress is seen with their on-site trainee, the apprentice is then given the opportunity to train a client puppy with some oversight by Lara.
Only an Apprentice who clearly displays their love, passion and commitment to training our dogs as if their own are given the privilege of training a client puppy off-site. After training multiple GoldenQuest puppies, the trainer apprentice will gain the title of Off-Site Trainer for GoldenQuest.KN4 napping
The best part of this program isn’t just for the Apprentice but for your GoldenQuest puppy as he/she will get the unique experience of being trained inside a home where the smells, sounds and socialization are purest so as to best prepare them for life at home with your family.  The training program doesn’t change at all when your puppy is blessed to train in a private home; the same outline is used, each cue is still taught and the same terminology is used. During your Comfort Retriever® puppy’s training, you and your family will receive updates on his or her’s progress every Sunday both in a video and in a “report card” format sent from Lara or your puppy’s trainer.

(Disclaimer: EVERY puppy is different and therefore learns at their own pace; has their own strengths and weaknesses as well as learning curves. Please do NOT expect every puppy to look like the next; you’ll notice in the different videos how the individual dogs and puppies differ on performance.)

This is a wonderful opportunity for your new Comfort Retriever® as we can assess which trainer your puppy would learn best from both socially and obedience wise so they have an even better foundation. For example, if your home has young children, cats, other dogs or is simply more active then we will have the ability to select which of our trainers or apprentice trainers would provide the optimal environment for your growing Comfort Retriever®.

Below are the bios of the Trainer Apprentice that we currently employ as they have proven their abilities and compassion for not just GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers® but for dogs in general. 



 At this time we do not have any off-site trainer apprentices. If you or someone you know may be interested in learning more about becoming an Off-Site Trainer Apprentice contact us at  trainer@comfortretrievers.com .