Comfort Retrievers®

by the creator of the hybrid


The world’s first and finest

Miniature Golden Retrievers

miniature golden retriever cute puppy pictures

When was the first  Comfort Retriever© produced?

We produced our first Comfort Retriever® in 2003. Originally we used cocker spaniels to produce our Comfort Retriever®, but we found the pups didn’t have the look of a golden retriever, due to the oversized ears. In addition, despite using a excellent tempered cocker spaniel, the pups produced had unreliable temperaments. We felt we needed to discontinue our breeding program. It is too heartbreaking to fall in love with your dog and then discover that your dog is a bite risk to family and friends. The owners are then faced with the agonizing decision whether to put their loved family members, friends, and financial future at risk or euthanize their dog. This is a decision that nobody should have to make. I had an ER physician call me wanting to get a puppy. She said she would never buy a dog for her family with cocker spaniel in it, since this breed is the #1 breed responsible for bite cases in the ER. The CDC lists this breed as the #2 breed for biting their own owners/family. I suspect that the cocker spaniel is responsible for the most dog bites in the ER, since it is a more popular breed than the #1 biting breed. DoodleQuest® refuses to breed dogs that don’t have reliable, loving temperaments. Therefore, in order to produce pups fitting the definition of the Comfort Retriever® we started our breeding program all over. Comfort Retrievers® now have no cocker spaniel in them.

Why is the Comfort Retriever© trademarked?

miniature golden retriever cute puppy picturesWe are flattered that so many people see the value in this hybrid. There are many who have copied what we are doing. Unfortunately, most have not updated their program and are still breeding to cocker spaniels. We don’t want this hybrid to get a bad name, because people are doing inferior breedings and calling them Comfort Retrievers®. We don’t want owners to get tricked into getting a dog they think is a Comfort Retriever® but isn’t. Because of this, we felt forced to trademark the name Comfort Retriever®. Unfortunately, many of the breeders continued to call their dogs Comfort Retrievers®, so we were then forced to hire a lawyer to protect the name. Some breeders just ignore the law and call their dogs Comfort Retriever®, comfort golden retrievers or anything with the word comfort in it. Others, in order to try to get around the trademark, have started calling their dogs miniature, petite, or toy golden retrievers. Personally, I would question the integrity and honesty of a breeder who won’t respect a trademark. Some of these breeders are so bold as to complain that we protected our trademark. They were breaking the law by ignoring the trademark and, based on their websites, are just as dishonest with the potential puppy owners. Please don’t be deceived by their double talk. We want to both protect the Comfort Retriever’s® name and the potential owners looking for a quality pup.  Our Comfort Retrievers® can be registered both as miniature golden retrievers and as Comfort Retrievers®.  The Designer Dog Kennel Club (DDKC) was the original dog registry that registered the first miniature golden retrievers. DDKC define the hybrid as a mix of only golden retriever and poodle. Some copycat breeders have found other breed registries that were willing to register their dogs as miniature or petite golden retrievers, despite the fact that they are composed of other breeds, which may include cocker spaniel and cavalier king charles spaniel. Many of these breeders have renamed their dog breed name several times. Calling their dogs miniature golden retrievers just doesn’t make them miniature golden retrievers. Many of these breeders are great at double talk and confusing the public. Please beware. DoodleQuest® only wants to produce dogs that have outstanding, life long health, loving, stable temperaments, and longevity. That is why we created this hybrid and that is why we are protecting it’s good name.

We welcome responsible breeders with high standards to join our program. We make no compromises and hope you won’t, either.

miniature golden retriever cute puppy picturesWhat is a Comfort Retriever© composed of?

After much work, we finally came up with the perfect mix of breeds. In 2007, we finally produced our first new and improved Comfort Retriever®. Then we selectively bred this pup, that looked just like a small golden retriever, to a very petite golden retriever. This not only gave the great temperament and small size, but also some hypoallergenic and decreased shedding traits. They are only composed of poodle and golden retriever. This hybrid is the first miniature and petite golden retrievers ever bred! Technically, this hybrid could be called goldendoodles; but they are so selectively bred and look so much different than the traditional goldendoodle, that we feel calling them goldendoodles would be misleading. They do have some hypoallergenic and reduced shedding traits, but traits would need to be evaluated on an individual basis. Some other ‘miniature golden retriever’ breeders claim their dogs shed less but this claim is based on producing a smaller dog, not on producing a reduced shedding dog. Beware of misleading claims.

This is a size comparison of an adult golden retriever to an adult comfort retriever® (miniature golden retriever)

What are the advantages of  a Comfort Retriever© ?



  • A comfortable size family dog (20-55 lbs)
  • Some hypoallergenic traits
  • Decreased shedding
  • Increased longevity
  • Parents health tested
  • Trademarked for your protection
  • Wonderful temperament
  • Intelligent and trainable
  • Excellent with children and other animals
  • 100% lovable


What is your breeding philosophy?

We feel that health and temperament have to be the cornerstones on which the Comfort Retriever® is built upon. That is why we do extensive testing. We are committed to only breeding to tested, healthy parents. We want you to have a pup that is healthy for its lifetime.  See our health and longevity program.

miniature golden retriever cute puppy pictures
How big are the pups and what is the cost to purchase a pup?

There is a wide range of sizes. Some litters will average 45-55 lbs. as adults, while other litters will average 20-45 lbs. We usually have both males and females available. We also offer a guardian program available within a 1 hour drive of Lexington, KY, where you own your dog but we retain a few breeding rights. We pay all breeding related costs and sell you a deeply discounted pup for $500. Pet pups are $4,500.   We send most pups home already spayed or neutered, which is a cost saving for you of  $250 or more.

Please preserve the memories

Often parents decide to surprise their children with news of a puppy. I always suggest recording the event. This is one youtube clip that was sent by a happy puppy owner of the moment the secret was revealed.

We love to have clips of the fun things your comfort retriever can do.   We have two clips from one family.  The first clip shows the dog’s Mastery of Obedience.  The second clip shows the dog just having a Having a Ball!  This clip is a comfort graduating from puppy kindergarten.   Here is a note of about one of our dogs passing his therapy dog test so he can work as a reading dog and provide disaster relief at evacuation shelters.   Please show off your dog.