I was just on your site because I am passing your name along to some friends who are looking for a puppy and I thought I would give you an update.  Lulu (we finally picked out a name!) is so wonderful! We all love her so much, but especially (and somewhat surprisingly) me. Our previous dog had been quite dominant and challenging, and Lulu is such a sweetie. She is so eager to please, and learns so quickly, it is a whole new experience for me. She is absolutely beautiful and has the sweetest face and most loving eyes. I am completely smitten!

It is just such a pleasure to have her be part of our family. The girls love playing with her, and she is never rough with them – always respectful. Every night, my husband sits down in the kitchen on the floor and wrestles and pets her while they watch the sports wrap up shows. So cute!  She is just over 4 months old and weighs about 22 lbs, so it looks like she will be a bit on the bigger side, but I am not even concerned because she is so obedient. The hair on her back has come in with this beautiful wave, but still built just like a golden retriever. She is quite stunning. I will send a picture when I get one downloaded to my computer!

In any case, just thought I’d give you an update on one of your babies!


Hi Kathy,

Just wanted to let you know that we are enjoying Tanner (Comfort Retriever®). He is almost 9 months old now, and is absolutely adorable. We enjoy taking him to the dog park where he loves to run and play with other dogs. He is super friendly with everyone, including my “high” energy six year old kid. He went to puppy kindergarten a few months ago and won a new collar for being the #1 student. The trainer said he would make an excellent “guide” and/or companion dog. I agree, but I think we will keep him as our family dog! Attached is a picture of him after the HUGE snow storm we had in Connecticut. (Approx 2 ft. of snow). Hope everyone had a great holiday!

-Diane J.

Hi Kathy

So far Jersey (5 months on 2/13) has been a so good to us. She just graduated from Puppy Training class and was the popular pup in the class and in Pet Smart. She had a lot of fans no doubt. I have attached a few pix for you to see her in the snow that we got a few weeks ago. She loves the snow. She also has a best friend, Boris, right across the street and they get to play and go on walks daily when the weather is cooperating.


Our sweet Sassy is getting Spayed tomorrow morning. She is 5 months, 12 pounds…..We think she is the smartest dog we have ever had…..we totally are in love with you


Hi Kathy,

We can’t thank you enough for our gorgeous boy.  We liked the name Kaydin (GH3) a lot but he felt like a Sammy to Carl so we renamed him Sammy.  He’s a very special dog – so smart and well-adjusted.  He’s amazing with people, kids, and other dogs.  Last week we were all in Burlington, VT for a fews days for work.  We were walking with him in the pedestrian zone and we ran into a group of 25 first graders on a field trip.  They made a beeline for him screaming “puppy” and accosted him – pulling him, grabbing him, putting their hands near his mouth.  He had just started teething and I didn’t know how he would react.  He was so sweet with them – all the children were thrilled.  We take him to a day care called TailWaggerz sometimes during the day so he can socialize with other dogs.  He’s the favorite dog there and everywhere we take him.  If you check out their Facebook page, you’ll see pictures of Sammy plastered all over it and what people say when they see his photo.
Everyone we meet has never heard of a Comfort Retriever.  There is such a huge longing in the northeast for your dogs.  So many people love Goldens like we do but need smaller dogs.  We’re talking about you everywhere we go.  I applied for an account on a site called www.rover.com in case we needed more day care options.  They didn’t have a category for Comfort Retrievers – they were intrigued to learn about you.  We suggested they create a new category.
If you ever need any testimonials or references, please feel free to include us.  We will always be grateful to you!
-Stacy and Carl


We have been meaning to send you a note to thank you for Logan  (FA3). Not sure if you remember him; we adopted him in December. He is absolutely wonderful! And has been such a wonderful addition to our family! He cannot give or get enough loving. He has an amazing abundance of energy and simply loves to play with us and with other dogs at our neighborhood dog park. Wow can he run! And absolutely loves to go on hikes! All in all he is a sweetie!




Buddy (EP3) is the best dog ever.  We are all completely in love.  He is only about 22 pounds, much smaller than they thought he would be.  Here is a recent photo of him with my son.

Vanessa D